Time distribution

Master clock

  • Sigma H:

    Master clock for synchronisation of a clock network.

  • Sigma P:

    Master clock with programmable circuits, control of clock network, relays and bell.

  • Sigma MOD:

    Master clock with programmable circuits and NTP time reference.

Bell system

  • Melodys sounders

    A range of bells and sounders for schools and factories, combining design and technology.

Analogue clock

A wide range of clocks for indoor and outdoor.

  • Profil clock:

    Case available in four colors, several types of dials, diameter of the dial from 30 to 60 cm.

  • Profil TGV clock:

    Dial and black case, yellow needles, diameter from 30 to 70 cm.

LED digital clock

A varied range of clock for indoor available in several colors of luminous diodes:

Digit height from 5 to 12 cm:

Wide Clocks for outdoor available in several digit heights and 2 colors of LED very high luminosity :

Digit height from 15 to 25 cm:

Digit height from 15 to 45 cm:

LCD digital clock

A range of digital mural clocks for the indoor with an exclusive design.

Digit height from 7 to 14 cm: